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IT skills

Programming Languages:

Python, Ruby/RoR, JavaScript , TypeScript, Vue, HTML5/CCS3.

Integrated Development Environment

Visual Studio Code, PySharm, PHP Designer, NetBeans, Android studio, RubyMine.


Relational Database Management Systems, Tools and Applications:

Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Analysis Services, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLlite, MongoDB.

Source Control Systems:

SVN, Git.

Mobile Technologies:

Crittercism, iOs/Android, Android devices emulators (Android SDK, Genymotion), Fiddler, TestFlight.

Other tools:

MS SharePoint, MS Project, Visio, Enterprice Architect, Joomla,CorelDRAW, Origin, Statistica, Mathcad, Programs for phase analysis and structure determining (PCW, Diamond, Endeavour, QUANTO, Rietica, GSAS), DataBases for X-ray diffraction (Aist, Match, JCPDS, FIND IT).

Artificial intelligencefast loadingbug fixing


Python, Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript
UI: Behave, Watir, Selenium Web Driver, WebDriverIO, RSpec, Chai, Cucumber.
API: Ruby (RestClient, Faraday), Python (Requests, PyCURL)
CI: Jenkins

Perfomance testing:

SEO/Performance: LightHouse (as plugin / as npm package)
Performance testing: Locust, Artillery, JMeter (small experience)

Manual Testing

Test planning, test strategy creation, creation of test cases, test reports. Functional testing, confirmation testing, regression testing for: web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications.


Software Quality Assurance:

Brainbench Sertificate, Nov 2012, No Expiration Date.

Project Management (2013)

Brainbench Sertificate, Apr 2014, No Expiration Date.

ISTQB certification - Foundation level

Global Association for Software Quality AISBL, Feb 2014, No Expiration Date.


Science skills


Physics of condensed matter (High Temperature Superconductivity)


Stipend of the President of the Republic of Belarus for talented young scientists


Research Interests:

High temperature superconductivity, HTSC materials, X7R ceramics, Methods of synthesis of functional ceramics, X-ray structural analysis, Refinement of real crystal structure (Rietveld method), Low Temperature Physics



Total quantity is about 65 (in scientific journals : inorganic materials, Physica C, Applied Magnetic Resonance, Solid State Physics) , + 4 patents


Publications list:

«Influence of high pressure on formation behavior, superconducting properties and crystal structure Tl2Ba2CaCu2OyFx (х=0; 0,1; 0,2) ceramics», A. I. Akimov, S. A. Lebedev, T.V.Tarasevich, O.V.Ignatenko “ Inorganic materials ”, 2008, Vol.44, No. 3, pp.375-384

«Crystallization of cubic BN in the Li3N-BN system (4-10 mas.% Li3N)», V.N.Shipilo, O.V.Ignatenko, N.A.Shempel, I.I.Azarko, and S.A.Lebedev // “Inorganic materials” , 2008, vol. 44, No.3, pp.310-314

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